Student Life

Staying in Your Off-Campus Housing During Quarantine

May 1, 2020
coronavirus staying in off campus housing

With most colleges and universities closed due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, administrators have asked millions of students to pack up and leave campuses across the country. Unfortunately, many people can’t head home because of travel restrictions, off-campus housing leases and other unavoidable obstacles — even as we approach the summer.

What should you do? If you’re a student that needs to remain in their off-campus living situation, take a look at this guide for suggestions and resources.

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College and Career

5 College Majors and Careers for Extroverts

April 17, 2020
best careers for extroverts

If you’re an enthusiastic social butterfly, you probably identify as an extrovert. You love to meet new people and strive to be optimistic – and you aren’t afraid to take risks. Those traits play huge roles throughout your life – especially when it comes to your future. That’s why it’s essential to consider the best careers for extroverts — and pick a path that allows you to shine brightly!

After all, if you can’t be yourself, what’s the point? If you need some inspiration for planning your professional goals, take a look at some of the best majors for extroverts.

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College and Career

The Best College Majors for Nature Lovers

April 10, 2020
College majors for nature lovers

Do you derive your internal energy from spending time outdoors? Maybe you love to hike trails, find peace by the water, or enjoy learning about the environment in your free time. Whatever nature means to you, as a college student, you have an opportunity to turn your interests into a dream job. You can spend the majority of your time outdoors or exploring natural processes — and get paid to do so!

Take a look at these college majors for nature lovers.

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College and Career

What Should I Major In? College Major Ideas by Interests

April 3, 2020
what should I major in

Looking for college major ideas to make your future more clear?

Whether you’re a current college student who’s undecided or an upcoming first-year, there’s a lot to consider regarding your major. But don’t just look at key factors like salary and statistics — when choosing a future career, it’s essential to weigh your options based on interests and personality. After all, your job won’t feel like work if you’re passionate and enthusiastic.

If you’re on the fence about how to choose a major, check out these college major ideas based on interests, personality type and passion.

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Student Life

Why College Student Burnout Is Real — And How to Avoid It

March 20, 2020
College student burnout

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and anxious beyond belief? You can’t bear the thought of yet another assignment or textbook chapter. You dread the walk to class. If so, these emotions may hint at a case of burnout. College students are especially prone to this, and it’s essential to recognize the signs so you can tackle it head-on. 

Here are a few ways you can avoid and recover from burnout.

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For Educators

8 Terrific Teaching Tips for Peer Tutors

March 6, 2020

Being a peer tutor is a rewarding role — in addition to helping your peers, you can also use the experience to improve their own communication skills and confidence. But what’s the best way to teach others, and how can you be sure they improve their performance?

Take a look at these tutoring tips and tricks for effective peer instruction.

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Study Abroad

How Study Abroad Boosts Your GPA

February 28, 2020

Each year, more than 20,000 students in the United States study abroad. College students typically choose this route for the adventure, excitement and cultural exposure they’ll experience in another country — but did you know studying overseas has academic benefits, as well?

Compared to those who remain on campus, students who go abroad tend to have better school experiences and show improved academic performance. While in a new country, they tend to boost their GPAs, become more likely to graduate, expand their knowledge base and open up better career prospects. 

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Learning Styles

What’s Your Learning Style?

February 21, 2020

Can you imagine memorizing the ABCs without singing a song, or learning the U.S. capitals without a map? When you were in kindergarten, your teacher used different learning styles in the classroom — like choreographed dances to remember anatomy and puzzles to learn the 50 states. But as you progress through the school system, it’s unlikely your educators use these same techniques.

Research shows that different learning styles, such as visual, auditory and kinesthetic, may help individuals learn more effectively. In essence, you have to “learn” how to learn.

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