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Majors and Careers in Language and Culture

June 26, 2020
jobs that involve culture and travel

Are you fascinated by college majors or careers in language and culture? Maybe you speak fluent Japanese or you want to know more about South American history, or you might just dream of spending your life traveling from place to place.

Whatever your interests, there are so many opportunities for language and culture lovers across numerous industries and fields. A cultural degree can take you all around the world!

Here are some college majors and post-graduate careers in language and culture well worth considering.

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The Perfect College Majors and Careers for Animal Lovers

June 19, 2020
best careers for animal lovers

Are you looking for careers for animal lovers?

As someone who enjoys pets, wildlife and animals of any kind, becoming a veterinarian seems like the perfect career choice — but when the time comes to actually pick your major and career path, you might not be sure about the lengthy school commitment it requires.

If you’ve realized that vet school isn’t what you want, it doesn’t mean you can’t take care of your favorite furry friends and critters every day. There are so many jobs with animals that aren’t vets, but if becoming a veterinarian is still your dream, you can make that happen, too.

Finding a career where you work with animals is all about determining your strengths, interests and priorities. If you want to find jobs that work with animals, here are a few of the top options:

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Tips for Your Online Job Application and Interview

June 12, 2020
advice and tips for online job applications

Guest post by Rebecca Hart, StudentJob UK

As social distancing becomes the new normal, lessons are turning to online learning, and recruitment is turning to online processes to complete virtual steps. With that in mind, you now need to know what to expect when it comes to your online job application if you are entering the job market! Let’s go through the top steps to ensure your application is a success!

Here are a few helpful tips for your online job application.

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Student Life

How to Take Care of Yourself Physically in College

June 5, 2020
learning how to take care of yourself physically in college

When it comes to doing well in college or university, you might be focusing on your grades, study habits and getting involved on campus. Some students are so focused on their classes, however, that they forget about their physical health — but neither your body nor mind will work well without the other. If you want to enjoy a strong, powerful brain and excel academically, you need to know how to take care of yourself physically.

Here are a few ways to improve physical health.

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Student Life

How to Improve Your Social Health in College

May 29, 2020
college how to improve social health

While the goal of college is to learn and prepare for your future career, your studies aren’t the only thing you should focus on during your undergrad years. To maintain a healthy balance between happiness and good grades, knowing how to improve your social health in college is just as important as knowing how to study.

If you tend towards introversion or are engrossed in your studies, putting yourself out there socially might not top your priorities list — but studies show that your social life impacts your mental health, and connecting with others can offer you further ways to grow during your college experience.

Here’s how to expand your friendship circle and feel more mentally healthy.

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Student Life

How to Take Care of Yourself Mentally in College

May 22, 2020
how to take care of yourself mentally

College is a unique time in your life — while it’s an exciting opportunity to meet new people, make meaningful memories and shape your future self, it’s also a stressful time when hard work, pressure and lack of free time can take their toll. Both to enjoy college and to excel in your studies, you need to learn how to take care of yourself mentally.

The importance of mental health in college students isn’t something to take lightly, and you’re responsible for your health as well as your degree. Here are a few vital ideas and activities to improve mental health.

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Student Life

How to Take Care of Yourself in College

May 15, 2020
how to take care of yourself in college

When first-year students begin their college experience, there’s a lot to look forward to. Maybe you’re excited to attend Friday night football games, participate in lively discussions in lecture halls, join a sorority or fraternity, or connect with students who share your interests — and you only get more involved as your college years go on. With everything on your mind and your plate, you might forget that health, wellness and self-care in college should also be a priority.

Whether you’re looking forward to your freshman fall semester or starting your senior year, it’s time to learn how to take care of yourself in college. Sometimes you put yourself on the back burner because college can be busy and stressful — but once you make these tips part of your routine, your mental health, physical health, social life and academic achievements will all be part of a balanced experience.

Here’s how to take care of yourself in college:

1. Take One Day at a Time

College clubs, groups and professors will hand out schedules for the coming semester or year so everyone can plan for what’s coming down the road. It’s great to have a heads-up about exams and activities, but it also creates an environment where everyone’s mindset is weeks or months in the future.

Part of a college student’s well-being relies on taking things one day at a time. Fill out your calendar or personal planner and then try to focus on the individual steps that will get you through the academic year. You’ll feel less overwhelmed and more prepared for whatever is next on your schedule.

2. Prioritize Your Nutrition

Most college students have heard of the “Freshman 15” — a stereotype about new students gaining 15 pounds or more because they have more access to junk food, buffet lines and late-night snacks with no guidance. While it’s fun to treat yourself to comfort options like pizza and ice cream sometimes, learning how to prioritize good nutrition will help you way more than eating an entire bag of potato chips for dinner.

The next time you feel tempted to spend another night out drinking with friends, read about student nutrition instead and learn how to restructure your diet. Eat more greens, choose lean meats and consume less processed foods to start feeling better and having more energy to tackle your classes.

3. Find a New Exercise

Learning how to take care of yourself physically is another way to have a healthier and happier college experience. Students can get discounted memberships to on-campus gyms or work out at home in their dorm room or apartment. Working on your physical health through exercise improves your mental processes for listening to, understanding and memorizing your course content.

how to take care of yourself physically in college exercise

Try different exercises to find some that you enjoy. A quick HIIT workout, an outdoor jog or regular yoga sessions will help you let go of stress and improve your grades at the same time. Exercise is a form of self-care that can do wonders for both your body and mind.

4. Remember Your Friends

When you’re not in class or studying at the library, you should remember to keep a healthy social life. Figuring out how to improve your social health depends on your lifestyle, schedule and what works with your friends. Text people to check up on them regularly and hang out when you have free time during the week.

You can also balance your schoolwork and free time with fun activities. Get your friends to join a student life group on campus or volunteer in the community. Intern or work at the same businesses they do. You don’t have to choose between having good grades and seeing your friends when it comes to your college years.

5. Learn to Identify Burnout

Burnout is an essential factor when it comes to mental health in college students. It’s a specific kind of stress where you feel like you can’t handle college anymore on every mental, emotional and physical level. Every student should learn to avoid burnout so they can care for their mental health as needed.

Avoid symptoms like self-isolation, bouts of depression and extreme anxiety or stress with creative outlets, rest and proper nutrition. Be kind to yourself as you deal with college pressure and give yourself grace if you feel burnout at any point during the semester.

6. Improve Your Finances

Many college students struggle with personal finances because it’s the first time they’re paying bills and taking out loans. Use your final academic years to hone your financial habits, which is a critical aspect of taking care of yourself. Consider starting great strategies early, such as:

  • Saving more
  • Spending less 
  • Building credit by paying your bills on time

You can also figure out a monthly budget and avoid credit card debt so you don’t carry financial burdens across the graduation stage.

7. Establish a Support System

The stress that comes with full-time classes, jobs and internships is inevitable, so establish a support system with your family and friends. Make sure you know who to call when you need to vent or relieve anxiety with a casual conversation. If you don’t have close relationships like that, join campus organizations and clubs to meet new people outside of class.

learning how to improve your social health in college

8. Discover Relaxation Techniques

Sometimes you won’t be able to call a friend or family member because they’re busy. When you’re anxious and alone, try simple relaxation techniques to tune into self-care in college. Turn off your notifications and set your schoolwork aside. When you’ve settled into your chair or bed, practice meditative breathing and thoughts to calm your heart and mind.

Depending on what works for you, you might also brew calming tea, listen to relaxing music or stretch with an at-home yoga routine.

self care in college

9. Make Time for Self-Care

You may discover self-care in college because it’s a time to learn coping strategies for rigorous coursework or schedules. It’s a flexible concept that will help you balance your work-life requirements even as they get more challenging every year.

Self-care in college can be anything that helps you relax and rejuvenate. Check in with yourself regularly to evaluate your physical and mental states. You may need more exercise, healthy food or stress-relief activities. Self-care can also include activities like slowed breathing, studying outside in the sunshine for vitamin D, taking the time to enjoy a good book, or engaging your senses with a hot shower. Implement your favorite self-care techniques regularly so you have more energy and patience to get good grades and graduate on time.

10. Beat Your Procrastination

Whether it’s due to stress, lack of sleep or a lack of interest in a class you’re taking, many college students deal with procrastination. You may put off your study sessions or even meals if they stress you out or you don’t have motivation. Every student can beat their procrastination struggles with a few easy tips.

Break down why you don’t want to do something. Figure out how to separate that task into multiple steps so it’s easier to conquer. Most importantly, keep in mind that you don’t need to make something perfect. Meet the assignment’s rubric requirements, follow your dinner recipe and learn from the process as you go.

Take Note of How to Take Care of Yourself in College

As you learn to take care of yourself in college, observe what works for you and what doesn’t. Reflect on your progress to refine your strategies in the future. Whether you rethink your finances, learn self-care habits or prioritize your nutrition, you can succeed in college without sacrificing your health and wellness.


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How to Take Online Summer Classes in College

May 8, 2020
tips for taking online classes summer

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Online classes are a great option for students who need more flexibility or want to get ahead on extra credits. You’ll be able to connect with instructors, communicate with classmates and learn from your laptop — in various subjects and disciplines to match your course needs. Plus, when you choose to take classes digitally, you’re not limited to your local university or your home college — you can enroll with any school or program.

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May 1, 2020
coronavirus staying in off campus housing

With most colleges and universities closed due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, administrators have asked millions of students to pack up and leave campuses across the country. Unfortunately, many people can’t head home because of travel restrictions, off-campus housing leases and other unavoidable obstacles — even as we approach the summer.

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