Hi, I’m Alyssa! Welcome to Syllabusy, your source for all things student life, study skills, academia and educational exploration.

I grew up in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, where I subsisted on seasonal scenery, substantial amounts of fiction, creativity and countless questions. When I wasn’t reading, running around outside or coming up with a new creative project, I was imagining everything I could accomplish one day — and I knew college was the way to get there.

From the first day of high school, I researched, planned and prepared for the world of higher education — and everywhere it would take me.

But for some reason, even during my time completing my dual bachelor’s degree in English and Art, I could see that my enthusiasm for school wasn’t always reflected in my fellow students.

I believe education is a gift, an explorative opportunity and a window to the future — and I want everyone to appreciate it as the same eye-opening experience it’s been for me.

Combining my love of creativity, writing and the world of higher education, I created this blog for college students, educators, parents and education enthusiasts alike.

These are the tools to open your eyes, enhance your learning experience and explore everything education offers. This is Syllabusy.


Alyssa is a college and career writer based in idyllic Pennsylvania. She loves the outdoors, Audible, oil paint and anything about learning. One day, she hopes to relive her college study abroad experience and move back to London — permanently. Follow Alyssa on Twitter for regular updates on the inspiring world of education.

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