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How to Go to School Abroad: Overseas College Programs for American Students

August 28, 2020
apply for overseas college programs

Studying abroad may have piqued your interest. If you love the idea of traveling, expanding your educational experience and going on an amazing adventure, you may even want to kick it up a notch by applying to an overseas college program.

Study abroad programs through traditional universities tend to be great for whisking students away from their home universities to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime experience overseas, and that works for some people perfectly. But what if you wanted to make your whole college experience a study abroad adventure?

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Should You Go to Grad School? Benefits of a Master’s Degree

September 11, 2020
should you go to grad school

Maybe you’ve always wanted to further your education past undergrad because of your love for learning — or perhaps a challenging job market has you considering your options. Should you go to grad school? 

The benefits of a master’s degree are many — but is the effort and price tag worth it? Here are the factors you should consider when deciding whether you should attend grad school. 

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Campus Life, Student Life

10 Back-To-School Tips for College Students

September 4, 2020
try these 10 back to school tips for college students

You’ve almost finished packing up your belongings in bags and boxes to head back to college again. It’s exciting to regain the independence that comes with being in school, but it’s also a little nerve-wracking. This may be the end of your first break or the start of an entirely new school year. If you’re a bit worried about getting back in the swing of things, it can help to brush up on a few back-to-school tips for college students.

Plenty of people stress out about starting classes and juggling the many demands of being in school. With these 10 back-to-school tips, you’ll get a better idea of how to hit the ground running. When you begin new classes with a game plan, you’ll feel equipped to face anything.

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Preparing For “The Real World” and Life After College

August 7, 2020
life after college

Guest post written by Lucy Long, Content Creator and student at Texas Christian University.

It seems like yesterday you were moving into that cramped freshmen dorm saying bye to your parents for the first time. Let’s not forget about that dorm food you wish you could forget. The four years you spend in college not only allow you to make lifelong friends, but you also learn about yourself and grow up as a person.

But after those four years filled with late-night ice cream runs and tailgates, you enter into the unforeseeable “adulthood” — the era where you have to worry about things like taxes and taking out the garbage.

This uncharted territory may seem like a scary step, but below are five tips that will prepare you for a successful future. Read on to learn how to prepare for the real world after college.

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3 Ways to Gain Real-World Writing Experience in College

July 31, 2020
freelance writing college students

Guest post written by Caroline Hughes, Texas Christian University student and creator of Sunday Morning

Writing is one of the essential skills that every student should strive to improve upon during their time in college. No matter what major you are, what your learning style may be, or what career path you plan to trek, you will have to utilize your writing skills. Whether you aim to one day have your own column, or simply want to sound more diligent in your professional emails, tidying up your writing skills certainly has no setbacks. 

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College Majors and Careers for Math Lovers

July 24, 2020
best careers for math lovers

If you’re good with numbers, you might want to look into related majors and careers for math lovers. But where do you start? There are so many jobs that use math every day — from accountants to programmers to engineers. It’s all about what aligns with your interests! You can apply math to almost any path out there.

Take a look at this list of careers in mathematics to get an idea of what you might like:

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College Majors and Careers in the Health and Wellness Industry

July 10, 2020
options for careers in health and wellness industry

Deciding on a college major is a big step in your journey toward your dream career. If you’re interested in careers in the health and wellness industry, you already have a bit of direction. But where you go with it is entirely up to you.

Maybe you’re interested in careers in health and fitness or careers in wellness and nutrition. Maybe your goal is to help people who are struggling physically, or perhaps your focus is more on mental health.

Beyond the standard pre-med track, there are many majors and careers in the health and wellness industry to pick from. You don’t have to decide everything right away, but closely exploring your options can get you started on learning what’s right for you. Here are some options to keep in mind:

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Top Tips for Work-Life Balance

July 3, 2020

Guest post written by Andrea Cánovas, StudentJob

If you feel that you already have enough knowledge to kickstart your career doing a job search, and your ambition to grow professionally is stronger than what others might think, this is your time to shine! Send your amazing CV to any vacancy you like and dare to grow. 

Many of your classmates or colleagues will tell you how difficult it is to study and work at the same time, but in reality, you can have a good work-life balance if you are organized and motivated enough. You just need to follow a few tips so you don’t feel overwhelmed with extra tasks that might come up. It’s best to think of every day as a challenge that will help you improve and grow. 

Achieve the best work-life balance with these tips: 

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Majors and Careers in Language and Culture

June 26, 2020
jobs that involve culture and travel

Are you fascinated by college majors or careers in language and culture? Maybe you speak fluent Japanese or you want to know more about South American history, or you might just dream of spending your life traveling from place to place.

Whatever your interests, there are so many opportunities for language and culture lovers across numerous industries and fields. A cultural degree can take you all around the world!

Here are some college majors and post-graduate careers in language and culture well worth considering.

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